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Who We Are

Toronto Giving Machine is a collaboration effort between the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in both the Toronto and Brampton Stakes.

Our mission is to help people find vetted donation and volunteer opportunities to help our neighbours. This is not a proselyting mission but rather one to put our neighbours first and make a difference in our communities. We recognize how lucky we are to have all that we do and love finding ways to help those around us.

How Does the Machine Work?

Toronto Giving Machine does not collect or handle any money. Any vending item that is clicked on is re-directed to that charity’s donation page where they receive the funds directly. We do not take any money from any charity listed on our site, nor handle any money, and do this strictly to help people find vetted organizations to contribute to. Our only goal is to help people find ways to serve their neighbour.

Want Your Charity to Be a Part of Toronto Giving Machine?

If you think your charity would make a great addition to the Toronto Giving machine email and let us know. We don’t have enough room to put every amazing charity on but the machine changes frequently so we might be able to work together for a future offering.